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In order to be able to accede to the content of XiBT there are 3 basicas rules that go very united between if and that they are:

If you want to participate in XiBT

Only you must to send it by email to:

it sends your photos NOW!!!

(only if the name XiBT is showed in the pic or the pic is in public places)

Tell us if you want that we can show your email and a short writing of your pics. Also we can receive movies in all formats and sizes. The pics and movies can show all kind of sex!, non sex, a little or extreme! Remember that you like to see... other people too!

Now... go to work and share your stuff with other people like you

Sections in Relatos (writing):

[AA]Amateur - Aficionado:
All the pics and movies that the person who appears in it know that the pic has been taken, for example a pic of a girl/boy that poses sexy for the pic, etc.

[VE]Voyeur - Espía:
All the pics and movies that the person who appears in it doesn't know that the pic has been taken (hidden cam), for example Upskirts, Beaches, Windows, etc.

[NP]Public Nudity:
All the pics and movies that has been taken in a public places, showing in it nudity or showing some interesting part of body.

[CT]Posters or Drawings:
All the pics and movies that shows the word "XiBT" in a paper, poster or in the body.

All the pics are made putting the part of the body on the scanner (Scan your body).

¡¡Since minimum 1 collaborations make lack (10 photos), for the access to the Web and to maintain this access the collaborations assiduously have to be!!

The use of the "key of access" is unipersonal and if it is used indevidamente will be terminated, asi same can be annulled if it is considered that your collaborations, contributions, aid to the Web or others have let have effect.

Exhibete assumes that the photos or videos that receive are property of which send and therefore authorizes leave to Exhibete.Com to publish and to handle the same ones. If you have some complaint or some of the photos that were published is property of somebody mà s, please send a mail to webmaster@exhibete.com and immediately we will retire them of our site.

Para más información o por si tienes algun problema puedes dirijirte a webmaster@exhibete.com

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